if you like to see what i’d like to see, if you like to listen what i’d like to scream, if you like to play what i’d like to play, if you like to know what i’d like to hug, if you like to feel what i’d like to love. it’s Y.O.U , the “why o’ you.” hiding over the edge of the ocean, having your own life back there, doing your own hectic business, can you respond this? i’d like to take a peak what you’re about to seek, i’d like to come rush and bump into you, i’d like to be side by side with you, i’d like to scream out your name, i’d like to play your chuckie quote, i’d like to hug you, i’d like to watch pearl harbor with you, i’d like to hold hands with you. all that i like like like is to see you. we’ll be playmates, palls, buddies, and lovers like any other fun average youngster. but, you’re just a silly silhouette to think of. i can’t tickle you nor i can touch you, i can’t even feel your steps stepping onto the grounds of this real amazing world. and if one day i’ll start to keep writing this back again, it’s because i know that none of this would never happen.


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