through my eyes.

your eyes are indigo blue, but sometimes pale green. they catch the light and they shine like stars in the night sky, but sometimes like the sea. the integrity of your skin, leaves me a maze for my eyes to trace. your smile is delicate, radiant and symmetrical and is familiar to normal surroundings. your hair is a mess and immaculate at the same time, almost as if you have just woken up, but spent over an exceeded amount of time making sure every single strand looks neat. every single line, crease and imperfection is impeccable. when your face catches mine, my insides slowly melt, and when you smile, my heart races, faster than possible. if you could see you, through my eyes. you would be amazed at how stunning and how interesting you really are. to me, you are different. to me, you are you. to me, you are amazing.


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