im no longer afraid.

he used to watch me get changed through my curtains, he used to tell me to get changed into my shortest dress to take photos of me, he used to call me baby, he used to ask for things in return if i borrowed something of him, he asked for a kiss on the lips if i could go on the computer for homework, he used to watch me walk while i walk into my room with a towel on from the shower, he used to say to me, that i was the only reason he was with my mother. then along her new bf came, they wont last long, because he wants kids. i trust him enough to tell him what you did to me, what you used to say and call me. he picked up his phone, instantly asked for your number, called you and spoke aggressivly to you, asked where you live, told you that you were a sick fuck and to never, ever speak, call, text or see me ever again or he will personally come over there and knock you the fuck out.


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